About Us

Your Optimal Outsourcing Partner for Electro-Optic Technologies

Founded in 1998, FIBO - Consulting and Project Management Ltd specializes in the design, development, assembly, manufacture and testing of a wide range of optical, electro-optical and precision mechanical equipment and systems, both military and civilian.

Located in the scientific research industrial park of Nes-Ziona
, Israel, FIBO offers a unique synergy of multi-disciplinary capabilities, enabling us to provide comprehensive turn-key solutions from product definition through design, prototyping, to qualification, engineering, production and support.

We specialize in project management and custom design of civil and electro-optical systems, product development and comprehensive production services.
Our focus is delivering high-level performance, with an emphasis on cost effective results.




  • Project management, integration and monitoring
  • Civil and construction engineering
  • Electro-Optical systems design and engineering
  • Optical design
  • Opto-mechanics
  • Precision mechanical systems design
  • Electronics, including hardware, firmware and software design
  • Prototype and serial production of EO Systems and Assemblies
  • Special tests and alignment set-ups for electro-optical and opto-mechanical assemblies
  • Prototypes and serial manufacturing

Electro-optical Systems