• Optical Relay for CCD
  Ophthalmologic Camera

  - 100° Field Of View

  - 4 motors for: Focus, Field Of View change,
    Iris setting and Filter selection

• Assembly, Alignment and Test of
  Miniature Optics for Wide FOV Camera

  - Very wide Field of View - more than 100 deg
  - Optical components sized at 3-6mm
  - Dedicated test setup design
  - Assembly fixtures design
• Environmental Protection Housing (EPH)

  - Sealed-off camera compartment
  - Rigid design in order to meet severe
    environmental conditions
  - Two configurations: regular housing for full remote
     control  operation and underwater application with
     observation windows
  - Manual focus mechanism with motorized option
  - Camera and Objective lens selectable upon
    customer's requirements
  - Up to 100 meter underwater operation

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• FIBO Ruggedized Color Zoom Camera

- Applications
  • Sighting Systems Day channel for Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV)
  • Sighting Systems Day channel for Weapon Stations
  • Day /TV solution for heavy duty combat field solutions.
-  Based on SONY FCB-EX1020 Camera
-  Operational temperature range from -30 deg C to +60 deg C
-  Can be modified for other block cameras 

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